Added Value

At NovAlpQuartz we have developed a comprehensive lineup of services that encompasses the maintenance and custom manufacturing of your quartz and SiC items. Our glass blowers have built up over 30 years of experience serving customers in fields like microelectronics, photovoltaic solar, and research. This hands-on experience has resulted in a keen understanding of these industries’ unique demands. At NovAlpQuartz, we strive to achieve excellence in all areas, from product performance and quality to services designed specifically to meet your needs.

When you choose NovAlpQuartz for your quartz cleaning, maintenance, and custom manufacturing needs, you get:

  • Responsiveness, with fast turnaround times whether the work is done at your premises or ours
  • Compliance with quality and environmental standards
  • Products packaged for use directly in your cleanrooms with no additional intervention on your part
  • Delivery to your facility by our staff (on request)
  • Predictive maintenance (PdM) to help you manage your quartz inventory as efficiently as possible

Contact us to learn more or to set up an appointment to meet with us.