Recognized for their expertise across the industry, NovAlpQuartz cofounders Eric Blanc and José da Silva each bring 30 years of experience blowing quartz and other types of glass. Spurred on by several of their former customers, in July 2013 the pair started laying the groundwork for their own company, one that would offer a comprehensive lineup of quartz-related products and services for today’s high-tech and other demanding industries.

They convinced a friend to invest in their venture and, in January 2014, took on a third partner, Sophie Renault, who brings solid experience in business administration and marketing.

At around the same time, the Savoie Economic Development Agency recommended that the three partners look into the CleanSpace building—which offered everything the burgeoning company needed in terms of technical facilities and amenities. SAS, a mixed-economy company that specializes in property development projects, provided support for the construction of the NovAlpQuartz workshop—today France’s most modern quartz and SiC repair and cleaning facility.